The Wonders Of Zen Music In Increasing Sleep Potency

Insomnia is a common problem nowadays. Due to the fact that we often get stressed out and we have to stay awake for long hours each day, more often than not our sleeping patterns get messed up so as our body clock. And this is exactly what Zen Music is all about. It aims to increase someone’s sleep potency not through drugs or any other aids that may cause permanent side effect, rather it banks on natural sound wave in order to induce someone into quality sleep.

Who Started Zen Music

Zen music has been popular on China even on the ancient times and it was used to psyche someone up- may it be for increasing positive thoughts or simply for inducing someone especially their royals that time into sleep. Today, it is used almost by everyone. Relax Channel uploaded a sample copy of Zen music in YouTube which essentially aims to make someone fall into sleep. It’s not the kind of sleep where you wake up dizzy a day after, rather the kind of sleep that even if you wake up hours after, you’ll feel refreshed and rejuvenated.

Testing Zen Music

Perhaps the best way for our team to vouch for the effects of zen music is to try it ourselves, and as usual, I have been tasked to test it. So it was in the middle of the afternoon, I was still working into something and I decided to see whether in this most busy and distracting moment, can I still manage to sleep? So I hit the play button with a couple of earphones mounted on my ears. At first I felt relaxed- really relaxed- the kind of feeling where you are like floating in the water with all the flutes singing harmoniously and then… I just slept. I remembered after that, I was in the forest, then a stream, then I was floating in the sky. Yes it was a weird dream- but a good one at that. After I woke up, I felt like I slept for almost three hours so I panicked. I looked at my watch and the funny thing was that I was only sleeping for half an hour. But I felt so relieved, fresh and full of energy. I tried it again in the evening and when I woke up by early morning, I felt like I was really eager to go to work.

The Science Behind Zen Music

So what’s the deal with zen music? How does it induce all of its promised benefits? Music does a very playful yet efficient job to our brain. When you induce a sound wave pattern exactly like zen music, it’s low yet soothing wave harmoniously sync with our brain and it relaxes it- inducing us to fall asleep. While we are sleeping, its sound waves aid our brain into conjuring images that will make us feel relaxed and rejuvenated. It just feels like restarting or rebooting a worked-up computer.

Conclusion and Recommendation

Zen music is for those people who are having trouble sleeping. If you don’t have any problems when it comes to sleeping-then by all means you can then try zen music. It will however still induce you into sleeping just like me. But be reminded that it will give you a short power nap, enabling you to feel and experience the effects of a full meditation session. So perhaps if you are someone who is just seeking a quality time for sleeping, then listening to zen music can absolutely do wonders to you and your career.