Finding Solace and Peace Through Travis King’s Beautiful Mind

Often do we find ourselves disturbed in the midst of the week- perhaps through different thoughts of what we should do with our relationships, or do we have to reconcile with our dad or sister, or simply the thought of can we survive the week. Sometimes we become too pre-occupied with our problems that we get consumed by it only to find out that we are self-destructing in the end. More often than not we shift out of balance due to the worldly problems that we meet on a daily basis.

But the thing is, do we really have to be pre-occupied by all of these? Well, if our problems concern our family or existing relationships or perhaps about our self, then yes we have to take time in contemplating about it. But the problem is, often do we become so weak especially if we can’t find support within our friends or the people around us. Sometimes, they also have problems or that they are extremely happy for us to bother them.

In times like that, in times where we have to travel the path of despair and problems alone, meditation music during the night, during our very quiet times can greatly help us. Travis King’s Beautiful mind seeks to provide companion to those people who are weary of all the doubts and fears that they have.

Characterizing the Melody

This Beautiful Mind melody isn’t really for work or for concentration meditation. Rather, it is designed to be listened while you are contemplating in the middle of the night perhaps due to things that bothers you. Many people would say that you should never worry about your problems- but the thing is- problems do get the best of us and some time or another it will definitely bother us. The Beautiful Mind then concedes of the eventuality of these things and it acts as a safeguard if ever we get bothered. So, if ever you get bothered or your problems get ahead of you, Beautiful Mind will provide you a refuge.

Analyzing The Melody of Beautiful Mind

Perhaps the hardest part in writing is that if you think that a thing is so beautiful you fear that you can’t give justice to its beauty even if how hard you try. And this is exactly what I am experiencing now. The music is just a simple combination of piano and some wind instruments like flutes and a few stringed lyres yet the combination is just so compelling and alluring that it perhaps will uplift your very core.

It somehow activates us and awakens everything that positive that is left in you despite of all the doubts you have. It then magnifies that positive energy and however minute it is, you’ll be convinced in the end that you really need to continue and fight.

About The Creators

It was Utopian Sounds who uploaded this meditation music in YouTube, but it was specifically Travis King’s work to begin with. They did give him due credits and even posted a link in iTunes if in the event you would want to purchase it. It has been almost 2 years since the group started posting viral meditation music on the internet and since then they have been guiding people throughout their lives.


As of now, I do have pressing problems and issues in life, but the moment the team listened to the melody, the effect was just positive. Regardless of the problem that you have, this music from Travis King would definitely give you that extra push and energy throughout everything that is going around you.