Exploring Utopian Sound’s Utopic Meditation Music

This week has been so hard for our team and the last thing we would want to hear is the noisy buzzing cars outside and the crazy metropolitan city that we swear never sleeps. And that is exactly what we were hearing hours before. The thing is, personally, I would have wanted to go to a trip near the coast, or a peaceful beach where I can’t hear anything but the splash of the waves calmly colliding over the sand in the shore or the reassuring call of the sea gulls. Unfortunately, I can’t be of anywhere near that place right now. I have so much work to do and most probably I wouldn’t have enough time to go out and unwind.

The Solution

But I was really thankful I found out Utopian Sound’s doze of the sea shore as the group posted a meditation music in YouTube. The group’s meditation music lasts for 3 hours and it actually is ultimately free. This relaxation meditation music packs with it a slow melodramatic music with a background of the calm waves of the sea and a few occasional sea gulls in the background. The thing is with it you can really take yourself into a whole new place even if it is just your coffee break.

How Best To Utilize This Melody

So the thing is, hours ago I’ve been so busy something. But as soon as I plugged in into this meditation music as I was doing my work, I never felt like I was working. The music soothes you to the point that you wouldn’t notice how many minutes had already gone through. You can work fast and the thing is you wouldn’t notice it.

Many meditation music can really induce sleepiness on someone. The thing with meditation music is that I always have a hard time developing with it due to the fact that I have so much work and right after I listen to it I get sleepy and I end up doing nothing. But this relaxation music is different- it is dominant enough to make you not feel any drowsiness instead it calms you down in times of you being so stressed and worked up with the deadline that you are beating. So the best way to listen to this music is when you are already faced with a very daunting deadline and there are still a lot of work piled upon your desk. After hearing this melody you’ll find yourself rejuvenated and even if you are doing work while listening to it, you would still be able to focus and work as fast as you want to.

Who’s Utopian Music?

Utopian sound or music has been around for almost two years now and since then they have been producing calm and soothing meditation music for everyone. Particularly, this relaxation music is from Duke Skywalker’s Ultimate Relaxation music. There is actually a link towards iTunes that is if you want to purchase this music along with others.

Final Verdict

From someone who works at a very hectic schedule and has no time to get out or even have some fun, this relaxation music is really effective. Even on short coffee breaks, it can take you somewhere else. Also, the best thing about it is that you can listen to it even if you are working. It never induces any feeling of drowsiness so you can really listen to it while you are working. If you are someone who feels weary while working and you want to get out of that repetitive cycle, then listening to this three hour long mediation music is the best way to go.