Exploring the Solemnity of Tibetan Chakra Meditation Music

Chakra, inner energy, stamina of the soul- all of these concepts are highly linked with each other. For the Tibetans, we all have this imaginary center in our soul that controls our inner energy- the chakra. They usually meditate to let chakra radiate from the environment towards their own heads down to the central part of their abdomen and stomach. But even if you do not know of these concepts or even any concept about the Tibetans- one can still reap the benefits of the solemnity behind the Tibetan Chakra Music.

How I bumped Into This Mystery

As usual, this week has been so hard with me. Hence, in order to relieve me of my usual stress I have turned into my new found refuge- meditation music. So I scoured the internet for yet again another food and refuge for my soul and found out about Tibetan Chakra music. It was a bit odd and intriguing at first. I do not know of anything about Tibetans and sure as it is I do not practice their meditation. The music isn’t the usual flutes, water gushing or gentle air breeze- rather the music was somewhat high pitched, medium paced and non-repeating. There was absolutely lesser pattern in terms of beat and tone, but the sheer difference just drove me more into exploring it bit by bit.

Awkward and Different, Yet Relaxing

Honestly, this is the most different meditation music by far that I have heard. It was awkward and different at the start. But the awkwardness and difference wasn’t even unsettling or uncomfortable rather I was slowly relaxed. I just had a whole cup of coffee that afternoon and the heat was blazing outside the house but while listening to it, I never felt myself palpitating or having an increased heart rate- a normal reaction of my body after sipping a cup of coffee. I was just utterly relaxed and I felt that I slowly surrendered all my doubts, fears and rushing emotions.

Feeling Calm and Solemn

I really don’t know how it went through, but I just felt calm and solemn after. Every stressful aspect in my mind was as if removed by it. For this specific music, I just felt that while I was listening to it, energy radiated towards my head and back to my stomach. It was as if a strong feeling of warmth and comfort was present within my body. Later on as the music became slower and recurring, I felt even more relieved as the music became more familiar to me, the same with the normal meditation tunes that I am accustomed to listening at. At the end of the whole session, I felt more relieved and I really had that urge to hit right back to my work as I had this mysterious and renewed energy swelling through me.

About The Makers of Tibetan Music on YouTube

I really felt good about this music and so I really feel the need of providing you guys with a free version of this music just for you to test it out. This Tibetan Relaxation Meditation Music was uploaded by meditation relax club, a leading group in guided meditation. They do have an iTunes version of this, so if you find the music truly relaxing and beneficial, then you can choose to support it through purchasing the music.


Meditation music is all about tapping energies that are unknown and invisible to us, hence making us feel more relieved and relaxed later. This is exactly what Tibetan Meditation Music is all about. You would really wonder about its mystery. If you are a person who wants to try a different dose of meditation music- then I highly recommend this piece of mystery to you.