Deep Shamanic Meditation: Let It Bring You To The Himalayas

Shamans were agents of nature that served as a bridge on the human world and the world beyod our grasp- that is a whole new era and dimension of space, energy, and time. They were the agents that circled through life’s rivers, learning the way of the nature through several rituals and meditations on the heart of caves and forests where only the sound of gushing water or drops of it through the gigantic stalactites. Nobody ever understood the way of a shaman until and unless one subjects himself upon the likes of one.

But the mysteries of the shaman as well as the inner peace that they earned through exploring the heart of the Himalayas isn’t totally a mystery. Even at home one can connect with his inner self and eventually the nature through meditation. And meditation can only be achieved with the aid of meditation music.

The Melody Of Deep Shamanic Meditation

This piece of melody that we are talking about right now is a more advanced type of meditation music. It is simple to hear and deconstruct at first, but the amount of benefits that you can get out of it are massive- that is if only you understand the effects of meditation. We highly recommend that you listen to this if and only if you had already practiced lots of meditation.

Why is It Advanced: Deconstructing the Piece

You see, if peace, tranquility and rest are your goals, then perhaps the deep shamanic meditation is for you. For starters, it is something that after hearing to a few minutes of its melody, you become allured to it. It is best to listen to this music while you are having a headache, or palpitation, or perhaps if you are too tensed about something. You will be surprised that after you have closed your eyes and listen to it, you’ll feel utterly comfortable and all those uneasiness will be forgotten by your body gradually without you noticing it. Just focus on the music- and every single bit of apprehension and tension in your body will be removed.

Why can it do that? That is where it becomes advanced. Equipped with only the sound of eerie fog, the silence of the Himalayas, the wind chimes of the forest, and the natural sound of the flute, one can be brought into an entirely new dimension through it. You will be imagining yourself slowly being submerged into water. And as slowly you submerge, all tensions will also be removed. The slow chime and flute will send a soothing sound wave to your brain, enabling it to relax any type of fear it is sensing right now.

Just Like The Shamans

Just like how the Shamans of the past did it, you will notice that you are slowly being swallowed by nature itself. You will feel and fall deeper within yourself. This isn’t all about understanding yourself or confessing your pains to your inner being- it is all about, given that you now know yourself how can you connect and know nature more.

Is it Then Suited For You?

Again we recommend that you listen to this if and only if you are already an advanced meditation student. This piece has so many components that you can play with your ideas while listening to it and you can travel to many places. But if you are still but a beginner, it can also help you since the sound of it will essentially take away all your tensions and ache. You don’t have to ask why, just try to listen to it and it will bring you to the Himalayas without any effort.