Deep Shamanic Meditation: Let It Bring You To The Himalayas

Shamans were agents of nature that served as a bridge on the human world and the world beyod our grasp- that is a whole new era and dimension of space, energy, and time. They were the agents that circled through life’s rivers, learning the way of the nature through several rituals and meditations on the heart of caves and forests where only the sound of gushing water or drops of it through the gigantic stalactites. Nobody ever understood the way of a shaman until and unless one subjects himself upon the likes of one.

But the mysteries of the shaman as well as the inner peace that they earned through exploring the heart of the Himalayas isn’t totally a mystery. Even at home one can connect with his inner self and eventually the nature through meditation. And meditation can only be achieved with the aid of meditation music. [Read more…]